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Thread: Gen IV with manual trans

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    Gen IV with manual trans

    Recently completed a swap and discovering may have some hardware or electronics incompatibility.
    Believe I have a 2008 5.3, harness has VSS added, not connected - no provisions in trans. there is no TCM. ECM is 19210738 which links to an '07 truck but no VSS in pinout. Tune calibration shows 2008 Silverado 6.0. DBW C6 corvette pedal.
    The odometer was running at warp speed and scanner showed 158 mph constant . Couldn't get it to go over 3500 rpm without experiencing dead pedal and limp mode/rough running. Throws P0010 code.

    Think my question here is am I on the right path with below re hardware and electronics before I go over to the GenIV tuning.
    Because the -738 ECM appears to need a TCM, swap to 12633238 ECM with a manual transmission C6 Corvette tune. for the VSS, using a Dakota Digital GPS that has a sine wave output (the manual trans doesn't have any VSS provision).

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