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Thread: Ctsv with DW deatschwerks 90lb injectors confusion with data-I need help.

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    Ctsv with DW deatschwerks 90lb injectors confusion with data-I need help.


    I was trying to see if anyone could lend me a hand a clarify some questions I have with these 90lb. DW deatschwerks (part #16U-00-0090-8) injectors. I currently only have experience with injector dynamic and fic fuel injector connection data.

    Looking over the data sheet that deatschwerks provides it looks like they don't modify certain tables like ID or FIC does.
    Such as : short pulse limit

    I also see they list their flow rates only in psi vs kpa.

    Im going to use the double the stoich, half the flow rate, and half the IVT term method. Im just not sure If im plugging this injector data correctly.


    link to data sheet
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    stick with the E67 PCM as it could be for E38

    look the row/column axis to verify

    i will take a quick look at file
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    If you right click, you can change it from kpa to psi, under column axis/unit. Then it should scale properly for your pressure vs flow data. That is the only data that actually scaled properly for me when i was messing around with it. All the other tables dosen't scale properly for some reason. If you copy/paste the offsets, all the numbers change when you paste it, so the numbers no longer match what you just copied. Same with short pulse adder. Not sure why it does this either. I've got some 65lb/hr deatschwerks injectors i have yet to install, so Im curious how this works out. I suspect all you need to worry about is the Injector flow vs pressure table, which does scale correctly. The others i dont think need any tweeking, but i really dont know for sure because Im new to this also. Hopefully someone can clarify a little.