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Thread: Tuning 2.3l Focus RS after catless downpipe install

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    Tuning 2.3l Focus RS after catless downpipe install


    I am looking for some advice on tuning my Focus RS. I have the MPVI2 and after reading the ECM i determined that the previous owner had tuned the vehicle. When I bought the car it was all stock and since then I have added a mishimoto intake and this past weekend I installed a catless downpipe. The car doesn?t seem to have any drivability issues but I would like to try to tweak the tune myself.

    Since the tune isn’t visible to me I have to start with the stock tune VCM Editor provides (previous tune is locked?).
    My question is what parameters do I need to change to make up for the lack of back pressure from the downpipe. I understand how the torque tables work and kind of what tables to edit when they are being demanded. My fear is that I will flash the car back to stock and loose all drivability and not be able to make the necessary changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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