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Thread: Dodge ram zf8hp70 on demand

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    Dodge ram zf8hp70 on demand

    Hey everyone, kinda new to tuning. I'm running a 2015 ram 1500 and I want to be able to use my +/- shift buttons as an on demand shift not a hold gear shift but I can't seem to figure it out or find any info. I've searched and searched. One member mentioned it on a Cummins with a 8hp70 behind it but I did not get any difininitive answers on it. If someone could explain how to do this of if it's even possible for me to do that would be awesome!

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    Hey Hemi_power, have you made any progress with this? I'm working on something similar with a Challenger based setup in a Jeep. I've got forced upshifts working "most" of the time. I'd be happy to share notes. email me at

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    Post your tune.

    Also, a short log where you are logging shift ID and using those buttons.
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