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Thread: 2013 GMC 1500 O2 sensor settings clarification request

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    2013 GMC 1500 O2 sensor settings clarification request

    I've read the 14 page post about fuel economy in the gen 3 section and am looking at my oxygen sensor tables trying to make sense of them.

    Looking for verification that I'm on the right track.

    1. It appears that the sensor cross point is locked in at 450mv based on the min and max rich/lean values.

    2. So that means that none of the other tables come into play at all, its always 450mv regardless of the tables?

    3. The numbers that are in the offset, b1 and b2 tables are tables are nowhere near being correct?

    Am I on the right track or am I clueless? lol

    If I am on the right track, what would typical settings be for the cold offset table?

    Stock tune other than DOD being shut off

    o2settings.png2013 GMC stock.hpt2013 stock 3-15-20.hpl
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