GEN V VATS Delete Questions

Hello, I have been going through my tune for my Gen V 2015 GMC Sierra. Recently while tuning a 2004 CTSV Gen III, I ran into trouble with the VATS in it. I was able to pull the radio fuse and "re flash entire" with the VATS disabled and the DTC's for it set to "no error reported", and get the vehicle running again. I was thinking before I face this issue on my 2015 I should disable the VATS. I have read a few on this forum who say disable it or failure is inevitable. Is this a good idea?

I have read Bills post on the many different applications that require different settings for VATS delete. It also seams like Bill does not think this is a good idea (deleting VATS)? Bill if your out there can you shed some more light on this.

I have read on the forum here to disable VATS, disable the VATS patch in the Opp system. Then in System General Security set the VATS Algorithm Selection to NAO and the Starter Diagnostics to disable.. I am a bit cautious as I do not know what the setting NAO means, and I am not familiar with how the VATS system works on the Gen V with HPtuners. I have read the disabling of VATS in HPtuners only disables the computer link for tuning purposes and not the vehicles actual deterrent system.

Am I on the right track here? I need to learn about this that's for sure. I truly appreciate any help!