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Thread: What did i do wrong??? 5.3

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    What did i do wrong??? 5.3

    customer dropped off 2008 silverado 5.3 with a stage 4 brian tooley cam. Got it degreed and all hooked back up. started to play with tune. no idle. wont start without throttle. I now have it idling but to start i have to use throttle and while driving throttle respons is slow. What am i missing or am i just overlooking something?
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    You didn't disable the master DoD enable/disable yet, so do that.

    You should probably raise the idle from 525rpm to something like 750-800rpm at least. It may need more base running airflow for starters.

    A wideband will be required to see how fueling is at the moment and of course needed to redo the entire airflow model. Both the MAF and VVE need to be completely re-done to get fueling under control.
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    mikes 08 silverado cam base idle.hpt

    here is a very basic adjustment that should get you started
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