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Thread: E-Fan Hysteresis Settings Not Working or I Need Explination?

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    E-Fan Hysteresis Settings Not Working or I Need Explination?

    I upgraded my Charger R/T cooling from single to dual fans, thicker radiator, oil cooler, and from 203?F thermostat to a 180?F.

    A tuner reduced the e-fan settings by 22?F (226 to @205?F) but for the Low Speeds he reduced them by 32?F (217 to 185?F).

    So I wanted to test the high speed and after getting it up to operating temp I had to put a blanket over the grill to get it to go higher then 196?F idling and the fans came on high speed at 201?F according to SRT pages instrumentation.
    As soon as I removed the blanket they went back to low speed. It never raised above 201?F.

    Now with a 37.4?F Hysteresis I was not expecting it to react so quickly. I dropped the blanket and looked at the gauge and it was @199?F.

    I'm new to dialing in e-fans according to t-stat opening temps. Any help or guidance, links to said would be great.

    2013 Dodge Charger R/T Plus, Stock 5.7L, Edelbrock E-Force Stage 1, 3.25" Pulley, 450-HP 459-TQ.
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    2005 Radix'd Silverado L33 5.3 ECSB Z71 @ 387-HP 395-TQ

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    I know its an older thread however im in the same situation. Would be nice to see some responses and input.