I am having problems with GoPro data files.

After extracting and merging I get some bad data points (see below).

These occurred when travelling in and out of tunnels in mountains. I immediately (correctly ;-) thought it was a GPS sat lock issue.

I am trying to work out best method to fix this (see below).

If anyone has an 'edit-csv' script, I would like to give it a try.

I was also looking at making several copies of the merged data and then setting start and end times to omit the problem sections of the route, overlying several 'transparent' TrackMaps with different file 'inputs'. Not sure if that would work though or if each section would start at 'ground zero'.

I had hoped that the Time option in Track Map display properties would allow change of start and end times, but it only allows me to change the Start time, not Start and End (see below),
So, I can have either 00:0000.00-End or from current position, eg. 01:02:59.428-End.

What I would really like is for the Time entry to allow multiple different start time and end time but keeping the whole duration of the file (to make sure that the shape and size of the Track Map object is maintained).

Any comments gratefully received


bad gps.png menu1.PNG menu2.PNG