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Thread: 2018 ats tuning 2.0

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    2018 ats tuning 2.0

    anyone got an idea how what table to work with to bring up boost a bit??
    2.0 turbo ats

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    I have the same issue, no mater what you tune, the desired boost pressure is very low.

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    You would get more help if you post a tune file. I don't have an 18 to look at but I can tell you there are multiple tables that would need to be modified.

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    first fi you can post youll file it would be better and as for the boost not going up you have to paly with the torque demand then the throtel pressure table and raising the maximum boost aloud i think there like 3 or 4 table that have t o be changed but dont do a big change at a time increase it by 5% and see if there is any change and dont increase the torque at very low rpms

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    ignore my bad writing