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Thread: Fastest safe shift speed for NAG1?

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    Fastest safe shift speed for NAG1?

    Does anybody know how fast you can set the max shift time for nag1? I think stock for my 2010 Jeep SRT8 was 2400ms and I feel like that is a really slow shift. I was thinking about setting it to 1400ms and wanted to know if it was safe for a stock nag1 before I did so.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you assume (I have tested this) that these numbers in this section of software have an extra 0 (2400 is actually 240ms), then that is a slowish shift.
    I use (1500) 150ms and the shifts are quick but not harsh, so (1400) 140ms should be fine.
    When I first saw this 2400 number I thought I'd put in a better number like 200ms.
    Turns out I actually commanded 20ms and just driving gently up road it was brutal, like it was going to break something.
    Thought logically about it...realised tabled number was wrong, added a 0 like it wanted and all was good again. Be aware however that in other parts of trans software the ms are correct...