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Thread: 4.3L V6 Perfomance

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    4.3L V6 Perfomance

    I have a 06 Silverado with a 4.3L Vortec in it. I've really been looking for some kind of tuner/programmer/chip or anything to help boost its performance. I'm not all that much into gaining HP, I just mainly want better gas mileage.

    So does anyone have any recommendations of products to try? I know there's all kinds of tuners and programmers out there but its hard to find em for a V6 truck. I've heard people say to get the software changed on it but I don't know much about that so if anybody could help me out there I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for any input

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    To be honest here, your driving style and how fast you drive is going to do more for fuel mileage than a tune will. Trying to squeak out even 1 or 2 mpg is a very tall task with a tune alone.

    Or you can go the route of lightweight wheels and re-gear to more of a highway gear to lower the rpms at freeway speeds. Doing the gears would make it slower getting up to speed though.
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