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Thread: AUDI/VW (2.0T)- Stock/Tuned Files (Repository)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGP View Post
    Yes of course.

    ECU MED 17.1 SW 8J0907115BD_0010
    Audi TT 2012 2.0T EA888 gen 2 k03 turbo, DSG DQ250
    Same ECU as you but I'm running an EFR7163 and larger injectors (the original should also be viewable in the revision history).

    To provide a bit more tune-relevant info about the build:
    - The block has been overbored to 83mm
    - ZZPerformance Opel LNF injectors
    - Integrated Engineering 2.0T intake manifold (with runner flap delete)
    - AEM MAP sensor (30-2130-50) in the intake manifold
    - Bosch 4-bar MAP sensor (03K906051) in the pre-throttle inlet
    - 2-stage oil pump set to permanent high-pressure mode in software
    - AC system has been removed, so associated pressure checks, codes, and fan control failsafes removed
    - Other stuff I might be forgetting...

    I'll also attach my .xdf definition files that have some custom parameters including the KFLBTS ones for fueling. I sent these to Steven a while back to see if he could add them for everyone, but I don't think he's gotten around to it yet. As such, if you purchase the user-defined parameters feature you might be able to use them directly if your ECU binary has everything in the same place as mine.
    ECU definitions: AudiTT_8J_latest.xdf
    DQ250 definitions: transmission.xdf
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    Great info very helpful, I am curious to know how do you found out that those parameters were available to define? I already summitted a ticket to HPT asking to add the new parameters, here is a list of them:

    SOURCE FILE: AudiTT_8J_latest.txt
    SOURCE DEFINITION: AudiTT_8J_latest.xdf

    TABLE: Substitute value for CAN error
    SCALAR: Maximum speed 0.0000
    TABLE: Fuel Correction HSP
    TABLE: Correction Fuel Supply
    TABLE: Minimum ignition angle efficiency with minimum filling
    TABLE: Nominal filling characteristic map
    TABLE: Optimal engine torque
    TABLE: Threshold compressor pressure ratio for LDR recirculation valve control
    TABLE: Offset printing ASR intervention
    TABLE: Maximum filling LDR (Variant 0)
    TABLE: Maximum filling LDR (Variant 1)
    TABLE: Maximum filling LDR dependent on LDK (Variant 0)
    TABLE: Maximum filling LDR dependent on LDK (Variant 1)
    TABLE: Maximum filling LDR during knock (Variant 0)
    TABLE: Maximum filling LDR during knock (Variant 1)
    TABLE: Inverse Wastegate Flow Chart for AVS operation with small valve lift
    SCALAR: Maximum pressure difference across turbine 0.0000 hPa
    TABLE: Acceleration limiter
    TABLE: Offset for torque comparison
    TABLE: Maximum torque at clutch
    SCALAR: Maximum speed AWD 0.0000
    SCALAR: Minimum speed threshold AWD 0.0000
    SCALAR: Maximum engine torque 0.000
    SCALAR: Config Torque Calculation 0.00
    SCALAR: Inlet MAP Slope 0.0000 hPa/V
    SCALAR: Inlet MAP Offset 0.0000 hPa
    SCALAR: Oil pump high pressure threshold 0.000
    SCALAR: Max Engine Temp OilPCtl -273.1
    SCALAR: Max Oil Temp OilPCtl -273.1
    SCALAR: Max Oil Temp OilPCtl ShortTrip -273.1
    SCALAR: Min Oil Temp OilPCtl -273.1
    SCALAR: Min Oil Temp OilPCtl ShortTrip -273.1
    FLAG: Disable DFC_TMPnpl_C Not Set
    FLAG: Disable DFC_TMEnpl_C Not Set
    FLAG: Cooling Plaus High Side Check Not Set
    FLAG: Cooling Plaus Low Side Check Not Set
    FLAG: Cooling Plaus Stuck Check Not Set
    FLAG: LBKFGS Codeword Not Set
    FLAG: LBK Codeword Not Set
    FLAG: LBKABG Codeword Not Set
    FLAG: BoostCtldiag_stCod_C_VW Not Set
    TABLE: Eng_nMinTrbOpm_T_VW
    TABLE: BoostCtl_pDeviThdMaxSetBas_T_VW
    SCALAR: PSRMN 0.0000
    SCALAR: PSRMX 0.0000
    SCALAR: UADPSRMN 0.000000
    SCALAR: UADPSRMX 0.000000
    SCALAR: I15031_PID4FD_C 0.00

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    Should probably create a separate thread if you want to discuss further, but I purchased a super map pack for my ECU and was tuning with a hex editor + WinOLS. Was a total pain because I could only bench flash. Once HPTuners started getting into the MED17.1 world I reached out to them and sent them what I had. They were kind enough to work with me to add support, so now I don't have to bench flash anymore (yay!).

    I've sent Steven my definitions before and he went through and added most of the ones that made sense. There are some weird parameters in here that don't make sense for HPT to add. Some of them are things that I was just playing around/learning with and some are things that most users will never need to touch. I think the BoostCtl, KFLBTS*, and many of the AVS-related table variants are probably the main ones that HPT should add.

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    How long did it take to get the tables/params added? I have a decent xdf going for my simos18 and requested some tables to be added but no updates or feedback at all.

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    It varied. When I requested some of the main tables that were missing, like KFMIRL and KFMIOP, then it only took a couple days for them to respond and update VCM Editor. For some more obscure parameters, they either took a week or two or just never responded about adding them. I'm sure they're busy and these things are fairly low priority, especially considering people that really need them could just buy the user-defined parameters feature.

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    Yeah, fair enough. For the Simos18 stuff, it seems to be OK for a basic bolt on car, but nothing really beyond that yet. Even with the user defined tables, the scanner is still missing some very key parameters. For example, can't even log wastegate "duty cycle" or any of the axis' that go into the set point tables. Hopeful they will get that added sooner rather than later.