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Thread: M276 Knock Sensor Cyl Values

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    M276 Knock Sensor Cyl Values

    Hi all,

    Trying to make sense of Knock Sensor Cyl outputs. It's given in voltage, which makes sense but the values range from 4-10v when idle/normal throttle, at WOT it's hitting 70v. So obviously it's not actually in volts. There's also a Knock Intensity reading which stays at 0. I'm getting no timing retard so I don't think there's any actual knock but I'd like to be able to interpret this output.


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    I'm guessing it is some sort of probability or other stepping. I'm guessing something over 70 means there is knock, maybe 100?

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    Actually, voltage is like "volume/sound" (almost like decibel). It is not the knock. The ecu will try to hear sharp spikes from the engine noises. You can reduce noises by adjusting a cylinders pressure with the vvt.