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Thread: AMG GT (C190) tuning

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    AMG GT (C190) tuning

    I've recently acquired a 2017 AMG GT (C190). I'd like to begin tuning. I am an HPT user and got pretty good tuning LS(3) engines including FI builds.

    For anyone understanding the HPT platform, and I've noticed C190s are not listed, am I close to any other MB platform to safely begin exploring the AMG GT?


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    Congrats on the new car and welcome to the Mercedes forum! The closest vehicle with your engine that HP Tuners supports would be the 2015+ C63 with M177 4.0L V8, which they recently added as it wasn't supported before.

    HP Tuners supported vehicles - C63.JPG

    11.962 @ 117.14mph-AFE dry air filters, ROW boxes, & stock tune - 2/25/16
    12.214 @ 115.22mph-AFE dry air filters, ROW boxes, & EC V5 dyno tune - 4/21/16
    12.057 @ 115.97mph-AFE dry air filters, ROW boxes, & EC V6 tune - 2/3/17
    12.067 @ 116.30mph-AFE dry air filters, ROW boxes, MBH headers, midpipes, X-pipe, & EC V7 header tune - 3/25/18
    11.844 @ 119.14mph-AFE dry air filters, ROW boxes, MBH headers, Quaalude midpipes w/Mag. cats & Vibrant mufflers, X-pipe, & Quaalude HP Tuner tune - 12/6/18

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    Thanks for the reply! Appreciate it. This gives me a starting path to walk. I did see the C63 supported and was hopeful.