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Thread: Licensing E38 ECM - MPVI - Multiple Copies of Same Tune?

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    Licensing E38 ECM - MPVI - Multiple Copies of Same Tune?

    Hey Guys,

    Still learning the ropes here and have been gathering a lot of great information from the forum so far.
    I'm working on an LC9 (5.3L Gen 4) Swap into an E46 BMW sedan.

    I've licensed the original E38 ECM that came with the engine (2007 Avalanche OS, Auto 4L60E) and disabled VATS and all the other required items to get it running in the application to prove the concept and validate that the engine I picked up and the wiring is good. Since this OS is an auto however from an avalanche, it will not have the required pins to properly operate the DBW pedal I'll be running (factory BMW pedal) and a manual trans (VSS, temp sensors, reverse lockout, etc.). I also read that the auto tunes have oddities to sync up with the trans shift points and gear selection.

    To solve this, i've picked up another E38 from a wreckers and flashed with GM SPS an 08 C6 6.0L Vette OS (6 Speed Manual, LS2) onto the PCM and was then able to pull the OEM tune from it using HP tuners to confirm the SPS Flash worked correctly. I understand I will need to re-license this second ECM seeing as it is a different serial # & OS, I would have had to relicense the original avalanche ECM as well if it was flashed with a new corvette OS with different VIN anyway from what I researched.

    My question is, once I get into tuning this ECM (6.0L LS2 OS, M6), will I be able to save multiple copies of the same file and be able to edit and flash them to this ECM?
    For instance, say I want 2 different tune files to be able to flash to the car during an HPDE if the car is pulling too much timing and be able to flash a more conservative backup tune?

    Still learning and don't want to end up costing myself unnecessary credits.

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    You can flash the ECM as much as you want to after it is licensed...
    I have flashed mine many times while learning to tune, messed things up and went back to a saved tune to start over (that is what you will be doing with a with your backup tune)....
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