THE 6R80

4464 - TCC MAP (SLIP-LOCK-UNLOCK) for each gear. And 40306 - Trans TCC Ramp Added Capacity Non Shift.

I think the TCC MAP for slip to lock is the area where the TCC will slip and slowly start locking up until it reaches the lock RPM where it would lockup completely. But why would there be so much difference between tuners on this? And the RPM so different for 2nd gear unlock and slip?

2021-04-04 (1).png 2021-04-04 (4).png2021-04-04.png

2nd is 40306 TCC Ramp Added Capacity Non Shift

Stock doesnt allow any slip for added torque but on tunes from the same well known guys, they are setting this to slip all the time. I was told this would burn the torque converter in no time for a street car.

2021-04-04 (3).png2021-04-04 (5).png

I set 40306 back to stock setting for now. And Im not having any problems with the trans. I want to know more about these settings. Thanks in advance