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Thread: 1 Bar OS Patch

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    1 Bar OS Patch

    Just purchased the MPVI2 for my 05 Chevy Silverado 1500 w/a 4.8L engine. Before doing enough research I uploaded the 1 Bar OS patch before completely understanding what it does. I looked through the forum before posting like suggested and thought maybe a post is necessary for information on this process for others to find. Since the 1 Bar Speed Density OS patch can "Brick" my PCM I would like to understand some things before I attempt to undo the patch if that is what I need to do at all. I've created a list of questions below

    1) Will I be able to pass a emissions test with the patch applied? From what I read this patch will turn of the MAF and put the PCM in "Speed Density Mode" only.
    2) If I applied the 1 Bar SD patch can it be undone by applying the stock tune of the vehicle without "bricking" my PCM?
    3) Is there a procedure somewhere on how to undo the 1 Bar SD OS patch like the one that displays when attempting to apply the patch?
    4) If I apply the 1 Bar SD patch will it create a P0101 DTC code? Since I applied it my check engine light has come on with a P0101 (Mass Airflow (MAF) Circuit Operating Range or Performance Problem) and I'm wondering if that was the cause.

    If I can turn my MAF back on with the patch great no problems at all, no potential brickable flashing necessary and that is the route I would prefer to take. But if this has changed my vehicle where I can fail emissions I would greatly appreciate a safe procedure on how to undo it. Thank you for your time

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    writing a custom operating system doesn't automatically brick your ecm, its just to warn you that it can if there is a comms failure during the flash, so yes if you write entire your stock file back in technically you can brick your ecm in doing so if comms fails during the write entire.
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