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Thread: Need assistance 2012 Infiniti QX56

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    Need assistance 2012 Infiniti QX56

    Hey guys this Infiniti is a little over my head, I?ve dealt with plenty of GM vehicles using HPTuners but not sure what to do with this 2012 QX56 I have here. Engine in it is a VK56VD

    Supported vehicles list shows 10-13 model year QX56 have support. But when I hook up my MPVI2 and attempt to read vehicle the progress bar appears to finish, it pulls the VIN, year, make, and model, but the ?hardware? pull down menu is empty and it never completes the read to where I can save and then make changes. I?ve tried about every Nissan/Infiniti hardware option I?ve found but none seem to work correctly.

    I?m used to the GM Ls platforms reading, pulling everything up, save, and away you go. So if anyone has any insight as to what I?m doing wrong I could sure use some guidance. Send a support request into HPTuners so I?m hoping they?ll get back to me tomorrow maybe so I can get this thing out of here! Thanks in advance

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    I'm still a newb I did have some issue like this Make sure radio,blower,headlights , and etc. Draws are off. I think hardware code is sh7059 for that. Just trying to offer some kind of help.

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    Needs this answer also hopefully you can get help