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Thread: Can I program a new FPCM. 2010 Silverado

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    Can I program a new FPCM. 2010 Silverado

    I have a 2010 Silverado with an LC9 5.3.
    Factory except for the DOD being tuned out. Have not done the physical removal and re-cam yet.

    I got code U0109 when the truck wouldn't start.
    I am now also getting P0230. Probably from a low battery.

    I traced the wiring and found no obvious problems.
    The wiring wrap is intact, even at the rub points.

    I cleaned out the connector at the FPCM. Lots of dirt came out.
    I have power to the connector.
    No blown fuses.

    I think it is a bad FPCM.

    I know they have to be programmed with the vin for the vehicle.

    My question is, can I program it with the VCM editor?

    When I programed the DOD out I payed the credit for the FPCM.
    My fault for not reading before I did it.
    But I have a saved factory tune and didn't know if that would program a new FPCM or not?

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    Not only do they need to be programmed with the correct VIN, but they also need to have the correct software flashed in them for your particular vehicle. I personally haven't tried changing FPCM VINs, I suppose you can try it and see what happens. If it doesn't work, then you'll be needing to either find someone that has the factory GM programming tools, or heading to the dealership.

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