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Thread: Fuel tuning without VE table

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    Fuel tuning without VE table

    Hey guys,
    I'm a total noob with HP tuners and I needed some help (I was actually told by HP tuners to post here).

    Vehicle is a 2010 Toyota Sequoia Platinum
    TRD Supercharger
    Custom dual 2.5" Exhaust

    1) How to properly tune fuel maps without a VE table. I am aware of the single row PE EQ ratio map (VERY generic). Could someone help explain more with the "Temperature Control" tab for Engine-Fuel

    2) How to firm up and quicken the shift for 1-2. I have got the shift scheduling just about perfect, but there is just too much time during WOT that it takes for the shift to complete, takes about 0.8 seconds for it to complete, and during that time the power is reduced. I have played with the TQ Management and have gone up to 70% reduction in the map for the 1-2 shift and unfortunately it does not make any difference.

    3) How to make the vehicle do a power launch without the ECM cutting timing when you release the brakes, Basically I noticed in my logs that the timing goes from 18-19* when stationary and at 1700rpm to about 4* and then ramps up to proper timing. So it "feels" slightly sluggish for a split second like a delay then it goes like a bat outta hell.

    4) Any tuning tips for Cam angle tables to optimize for power? I thought less overlap for FI was a positive and improves power.

    Thanks in advance for all the help.
    Definitely a lot of very useful info in this forums.
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