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Thread: Has anyone read and flashed a 2019 C63s AMG

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    Has anyone read and flashed a 2019 C63s AMG

    It shows in Supported cars 2019 is supported but the software reads the car as a 2015 and won't read or give a VR oem file for it. I sent in a ticket back in May for this but it is still sitting in the engineers Que and hasn't been touched when I checked in on it in August.

    Ticket # is 11201

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    download latest beta

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    If i am reading my 2017 c63 with latest beta it always says it is a 2015 c450. Dont know why. But everything works fine, just wrong name. VIN is correct.

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    That is how I tune them but it would be nice to have a nice GUI like hptuners to do some quick tuning.

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    Yea does the same to me and says it is a 2015 but it won't make a read file or generate a vr file