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Thread: 2016 Mercedes GL550 getting torque code

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    2016 Mercedes GL550 getting torque code

    Im getting a P1670-85 and a P061b-85 code. Seems like its a torque calculation thing. Does this mean Im hitting a torque clip or is this due to 2 tables not matching together. I have logged all torque values that I can. Here is a tune and a log file if someone can help me. I was looking at the AMG file but many things are different. I do see after a few pulls the ecu pulls the boost back. Ive raised the maximum load desired table and about to try that.
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    Your Torque Management had some limits try this file out.

    I saw you only logged cylinder 1 knock sensor, for this platform you have to keep an eye on all the cylinders
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    tq manage

    I loaded that map and it seems fine. Here is a log.

    I would like to increase the boost some more. Maybe to about 200kpa. Not sure what the max is on this engine. Am I doing this correctly by adjusting the Airflow>general>maximum load. then raising max airflow limits. Little confusing but im getting it. Also the fueling I dont have a mass airflow reading to adjust fuel. Is this just a reference?

    Thanks for your help
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    Here is another pull with the maximum load desired increased. I see it hitting the target at around 195 kpa. I also see a bit of knock retard also. looking at the lamda it did go down richer. Is that to rich for the direct injection which is causing knock? im confused on which table to add or take out fuel.
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