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Thread: CEL control on 2014 GLK250

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    CEL control on 2014 GLK250

    I've been using an older code reader to get faults from the vehicle. I've read that the HP Tuners are a class above many of the others. As of the last visit to the dealership my GLK2350 diesel has had a few problems. The code reader I have tells me it's reporting a P229F fault which in the past has switched on the Check Engine Light (CEL).

    The fault is still there, I have white acrid DEF smoke coming out the pipes but no CEL. I have the feeling the dealer has switched off the CEL to avoid having to fix things under warranty.

    So the question is: Can the CEL be switched ON/OFF with a scanner. If so, can the HP Tuner do this?\

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    Use a Mercedes Diagnostic tool ie. Xentry to get the manufacture code and show you exactly what it is.

    As for the CEL light just put your key to ON position and check the CEL light on the dashboard, if its showing CEL then its not turned off.

    Some codes will not set MIL light on.