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Thread: Missing Sensors from live monitor. TrackAddict.

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    Missing Sensors from live monitor. TrackAddict.

    I am comparing the PC app VCM Scanner vs Track Addict V 4.71 Pro.

    The PC app reads Oil Pressure / Temp , But this is missing from Track Addict.

    Engine GM Crate LS3 / 480. C3 corvette

    When connected to my C6 Corvette Grandsport they are available and working.

    Why would they be missing. Similar Engine style. C6 E38 ECU , C3 LS3 E67 ECU

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    There are two ways to get enhanced OBD data parameters in TrackAddict:

    1) TrackAddict Pro edition (iOS), or users connected to an HP Tuners MPVI2 or MPVI2+ device, have long had access to a limited selection of enhanced data parameters for certain GM vehicles. This is a carryover from long ago, mostly developed prior to TrackAddict becoming part of HP Tuners, so it is provided as-is and can be a bit spotty, as you've found. But it's still much more than is available in most other OBD phone apps.

    2) If you have MPVI2/MPVI2+ with Pro Feature Set, you can use VCM Scanner to set it up for Standalone Data Logging, and then TrackAddict will be able to stream all kinds of interesting parameters from it, as described here:

    Please note that on iOS, you would need an MPVI2+ device, as the original MPVI2 was only able to connect to Android (due to Apple restrictions upon classic Bluetooth). iOS users would also need TrackAddict version 4.7.2, which has been submitted to Apple and is currently pending their review, so I hope to see it available to users in the coming week...