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Thread: Turning off DTC for Headlamp Module?

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    Turning off DTC for Headlamp Module?

    Hey there,

    I am interested in a program that will allow me to manually turn off a DTC related to my Cadillac ATS's adaptive forward lighting. I had water ingress that killed a light and instead of replacing it with another $1500 unit, I ordered a less expensive one. However, the less expensive light causes two DTCs.

    I tried removing the headlamp control module, but got a service suspension warning since the car has the magnetic dampers.

    Does HP Tuner's DTC disable function work for modules other than the PCM / TCM?


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    You can modify calibration settings in fuel pump control module and chassis control modules in certain applications, but that won't help you with what you're trying to do here.

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    best way to check is to pull the tune and see if it shows up in the dtc list if it does then you just uncheck ses enable and put error mode to no error report and you should be good