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Thread: 6l80E TCC desired slip issue vs. commanded

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    6l80E TCC desired slip issue vs. commanded

    so ive got a gen V truck 6l80e about done, and everything is about 98% tuned and working really well. except for one thing ive not had happen yet on others. all my commanded TCC slip numbers are at 0, and ive never had a problem one. but on this one, when the converter locks, everything works as intended except im logging 4.5RPM desired slip instead of 0 as it should be. i must be missing something here, as normally, i do see 0 in desired slip, if i tune it that way.

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    Do you have actually have the a/c off when your logging? Desired slip/ tcc slip are irrelevant until the converter?s locked. My 18 Silverado with a stage 2 circle d 6L80 running 3000 stall only ever shows desired slip at 4.5 while the a/c is on Tcc slip tables are zero?d out.

    17+ 6L80s the tcc logic differs from that of the earlier units iirc which makes it a pain in the ass as you can?t make do what you command 100% of the time necessarily.
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