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    ZF tuning app


    I'm in process of making an app that I'm going to eventually release for free (with source) for tuning the ZF8 transmission. The Bluecat app for the GM transmissions was amazing and I'm really missing that especially now since my brain doesn't want to think in OSS.

    I'm not really sure exactly what I want in this application yet but I want it to make my life easier tuning this transmission. I have a barely functional proof of concept screenshot so far. If anyone has "features" they would like I'm open ears.
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    There's a free spreadsheet you can download from the tuning school.
    It's in the course downloads section.

    You can also just log OSS and manually shift it and see what the OSS was.

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    I published my source code and did a preview release. It doesn't do much right now but at least will give you MPH and engine RPM for the current OSS.

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    Hey man, ive done some research and seems like you could help me, i have a bmw car(wich isnt supported by hpt) with a 8hp50, and i have done a differential swap(2.81-3.23) on my car, now my TCU is confused because the OSS isn't matching my wheel speed sensor, the tcu tuning platform i use is called xhp, and they allow for custom tuning files to be uploaded, i have a current custom tuner for my car but he is confused, my instagram is 340i_nas

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    these cars have a bunch of modules

    abs, fcm, bcm, no idea what your bmw has or how you get into them

    we can use alphaOBD on the mopars

    changed diff ratio in my challenger, got everything right (royal pita), lost both adaptive and regular cruise in the process