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Thread: 4l60e behind 6.0, how to make it survive?

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    i do nt even have the 40k i n yet, still factory cooler...what exactly is a bypas setup called so i can try and find one?

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    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the help. Hopefully this thread helps the next guy out too. I really like this forum, it's given me enuff great info to build a nice engine to go in my truck and not lead me down the road of just spending cash for shot I don't need!

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    @ blindsquirrel here is the tune file , i like the shift feel. its fast but still smooth and doesnft feel like a pooch. my next thing id like to do is do something with the tow button. either actually make it function properly or maybe a performance shifting? what are my options?
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    Many sources will say/believe the transmission temp should not exceed 175*F For best life

    I recommend 162-174*F Ranges for performance transmissions because DURING hard use the fluid will almost always rise 10 or 20*F however briefly and you never really want to exceed say 185*F if possible