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I finally got a chance to spend some valuable time on the dyno the other day, and apply what i know about tuning.
Please take into consideration these figures are just a guide as all dyno's vary. Two initial runs with factory tune showed 475HP at the wheels. I made a few simple changes, one being the fuel as they do command a rich mixture at WOT. A lamda of 0.800 (11.8AFR) seems to always show the best HP and torque IMO. Timing was slightly increased, only a few degrees which really helps all forced inductions cars. My final timing being 27.5, using a premium unleaded. I increased the torque limits, driver demand, increased boost limits MAP and supercharger max boost to 100%.

At this stage i really cant say if i had total control over the boost and especially the bypass valve, however during the run the valve wasn't active until 6000RPM, my boost at max rpm of 6500 was 10.3 PSI. Which in fact was the same boost i saw from the factory run.

Overall i manged to pick up another 38HP (513HP) at the wheels, but the best was the increase in torque, which at the end of the day torque is what spins wheels. The initial crank torque was 623 at 6400RPM and current torque is 711NM at 6400 RPM.

I also increased the torque values in the trans, as these seem to limit what can be put through the transmission.

The car is totally different, its a weapon in comparison with just a few minor changes.

Next is top and bottom pulley changes, high flow cats 200 cells and back on the dyno.

My biggest issues ahead is, am i going to optimize all the potential from the pulley upgrades using HP tuners. My final goal is to achieve 570 HP at the wheels.

What i can also say, HP tuners has done a fantastic job, regarding the ability to optimize the tuning of the ZF8HP, i can say it may be one of the best software available for these gearboxes, however re the engine time will tell.
Nice work
Do you happen to have a stock tune file that i can look at ?