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Thread: 2.0 LTG power enrichment

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    2.0 LTG power enrichment

    What are you guys running for power enrichment? I'm commanding .85 lambda on E45 and .83 on 93 pump gas. It looks like I am rolling coal like a diesel when I get on it. Its not oil, doesn't burn any. Looking at the stock tune power enrichment is disabled, delay is at 8000rpm stock, mine is set to 2000rpm. Should I run it leaner?
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    log attached.
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    You're probably blowing your injection window because your fuel system is being overrun. When the rail pressure drops, the ECM advances the start of injection (SOI) event to compensate. If it advances too far, it'll start fuel injection when the exhaust valve is still open, thus blowing unburned fuel into the exhaust, and "rolling coal".

    Try reducing boost and see if it goes away, or check your rail pressure.

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    Thank you to tunerpro, I was not having rail pressure drop but that gave me an idea where to look. I had my car tuned by a well known LTG tuner. Lets just say my experience with that company was not good. I took his tune, pulled timing and kept slowly tweaking until I got my drivability back.

    Screenshot 2022-06-07 124906b.png

    This is were SOI alcohol offset was

    Screenshot 2022-06-07 124713.png

    I backed it down quite a bit and its not rolling coal anymore.

    Screenshot 2022-06-07 161820.png

    I took a log today and it maintains .85-.86 lambda at WOT.

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    SOI shouldnt be adjusted unless your running back to back pulls and verifying the effects. Its probably best you returned it closer to stock.
    Really should be validating the SOI with a steady state dyno. I played with injection windows in the LNF and made improvements in the cruising area and mild acceleration zones but didn't have much effect on the big end unless i was really pushing the injector to its max flow limit (trying to maximize effective injection window). I'd have to assume by mechanical design that your application has a similar response.

    Time to throw new spark plugs in it and keep going.
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