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Thread: 6.0 pilot injection

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    6.0 pilot injection

    does anyone know how to turn on the 6.0 pilot injection i have the tab for it under diesel fueling but i dont know what i need to do to turn it on. every thing looks like it is set so it will work now but it does not. thanks

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    It is also controlled in the FICM, reduces life of the injector. Is there a reason you want it?

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    I think it would be cool to try and figure it out. could it help some how with larger injectors? The haze that is experienced at idle with larger injectors. Not saying it doesn't cause injectors to fail prematurely. Sometimes when more knowledge is known of something the more innovation occurs. Also could pilot injection be limited to help injectors last normal life? I've worked on these trucks since they were under warranty. A lot of injectors were replaced due to low fuel pressure when fuel pressure was not even questioned by Ford.
    Could a combination of low fuel pressure, poor oil quality and pilot injection have been a perfect storm? So Ford shuts off pilot injection to help pro long life on the injectors?
    Something I've always thought of. Not saying this is all facts, this is thoughts I've had after seeing things long term of these engines. Any thoughts?

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    Is pilot injection on by default? Maybe I'm looking at the tables wrong, but it seems that pilot injection should be functional in the provided file.