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Thread: Unable to open .HPT files

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    Unable to open .HPT files


    I am new to HP Tuning so please bare with me.

    I have downloaded VCM suite but I have not yet bought the MVPI2 interface, in the process of doing so.

    Playing around with the software and with the sample files with VCM editor, I`m just wondering, I have downloaded some of the .HPT files shared on the forum but I cant seem open them as it states I have to connect with the MVPI2 interface, is that because I have not yet purchased the unit? All i want to do at this stage is get myself familiar before I make the purchase.


    Best Regards.

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    Some files require an MPVI2 device in order to open them.
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    Hi Bill,

    thanks for the reply, is that the case for all .HPT files? because I tried to open a few .HPT files with no success.


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    The same thing happened to me. I'm waiting on my MPVI2+ to ship, but I wanted to preview some HPT Subaru files. Won't work. Only the sample files work. The other files I tried would not open unless I connected an MPVI2+ device.

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    Thanks Kev.

    My mpvi2+ has been shipped.

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    I can't open any forum posted .HPT files either, even with my MPVI2 connected to my computer. Just gets stuck on a box saying "reading from interface".. I can open files I've created no problem, but not others. Anyone have any ideas?