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Thread: GTO VATS/Immobilizer ?

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    GTO VATS/Immobilizer ?

    I've got a 2005 GTO and was wondering if I can use my HP Tuners to turn off the factory VATS or Immobilizer or whatever it's called... I've got a Viper remote start/alarm, but the guys at the local shop will not install it because they said they don't make a bypass module for the GTO yet. Well, I've got the information on how you "get around" that, but cannot convince them to install it. If I could turn VATS off, maybe I could get them to do it... I can't take it to another store because no one else will touch it if it wasn't bought from the respective store...

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    Yes, VATS is an Operating System selection box for your GTO.
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    I have HP tuners and it doesn't show the option to disable the Vats on systems General

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    I started a thread with a similar issue and it may be related.
    I disabled the vats. yahoo.
    That doesn't seem to affect the factory alarm system though. I'm still digging for information on bypassing or disabling the factory alarm. That would explain why they don't want to install the aftermarket system. It'd be odd to have a double alarm system and in time only having the fob work on one...
    I've called a shop that specializes in alarms, the tuner shop I used to disable the vats, and the dealer. Granted: It was a service writer who I suspect wasn't giving my inquiry the time of day.
    I'd like to hear any further opinions from hptuners and maybe Tech2 owners/ operators?
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