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Thread: I think the password DB has been compromised

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nige View Post
    I`m going to the Nurburgring next week and was going to try out TrackAddict for lap timing and live timing updates for my friends.

    The Nurburgring BTG circuit is on the database as a Segment circuit.

    The problem is that even though it has different Start / Finish points, you often do several laps. I`ve made a short `test circuit` near home that has different start / finish points, but it only times one lap then stops and displays the summary screen.

    I guess you expected it to be used on Hillclimbs, Rally Stages etc with differing Start and Finish points, but I want to do several laps back to back and have the program automatically start timing the next lap if I cross the start line again.

    I`ll be doing around 160MPH at the point between the Finish and Start so touching the phone to restart the app is obviously not going to happen !

    Is there a way you can change it so the program looks for the start being re passed within say 30 seconds (it`s less than that, but that was just a suggestion) and if so it times the next lap without exiting to the summary screen ?

    Sorry for the short notice, I only thought to test it today and I`m obviously glad I did. I doubt you`ll experience this issues on other circuits, but the Nurburgring BTG is a peculiar one.
    The language/grammar used here does not fit any of the patterns of spammers making garbage posts to build a post count before dropping their spam junk.

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    those users likely used the same password on multiple forums, or, their email has been breached.

    For those accounts, i've simply been banning them and asking them to contact support to restore access to their account.
    We got this guy Not Sure, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blindsquirrel View Post
    The language/grammar used here does not fit any of the patterns of spammers making garbage posts to build a post count before dropping their spam junk.
    Here's another one. Reads like ChatGPT if it was on crack.

    Quote Originally Posted by kingtal0n View Post
    I never use closed loop in 2-bar or 3-bar installations unless it has a full time wideband closed loop controller like Holley or Megasquirt or Haltech. The OEM ECU does not offer wideband closed loop so it is obsolete. If you are a beginner it would be important for you to learn how the closed loop function works, as part of natural process, similar to the way we learn pre-calc before calculus and then never use pre-cal again. It is merely historical.

    So for example in my 2-bar file, which is tuned in open loop 100% of the time,

    You can see I target wideband a/f ratios, not closed loop or narrowband ratios. This improves fuel economy, keeps plugs cleaner, reduce carbon deposits. All modern Stand-alone ECU have this feature in closed loop but OEM ECU does not so we use OPEN loop to achieve the same affect.

    Once you threshold the normal Power Enrichment mode, for example mine is set around 80KPA and maybe 28% throttle, It starts using the power enrichment tables to add EQ ratio on top of the VE tuned valves.
    For example if VE table is tuned to 14.5:1 and PE Mode calls for 13.3:1 it will wind up somewhere around 13.1:1 air fuel ratio actual.
    This is because the PE Mode assumes the VE table is tuned to stoich 14.7:1 so if you are off by .2a/f ratio then PE will probably be off around the same magnitude, although a/f isn't linear its easy to think about it that way.

    Once you meet boost threshold requirements it will jump from PE mode to BE mode, and use BE enrichment values given some boost pressure.
    So it will jump from using RPM in PE mode, to using BOOST in BE mode as the target is based on RPM is the PE but based on Boost in the BE mode.

    All three tables, VE, PE, BE, work together for smooth transitions into power and boost enrichment during open loop in my file. It never used closed loop, ever, not for 5 years 50,000 miles, I don't even have narrowband oxygen sensor, it is obsolete. The wideband has a narrowband inside it. Some have configurable analog outputs but that is getting beyond the scope of this discussion.

    There is also a fourth table to be aware of, its called like "EQ global" or "EQ ratio" or something. I forgot the name. But it will directly influence the VE weights, for example during cold start when coolant is cold, this table uses values like 1.25 instead of 1.00 to give a 25% Increase weight to the VE values which gives us the cold enrichment. This table seems to work both ways as I've used 0.95 values to remove fuel for cruise situations for example.

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    The HPTuner folks are 100% correct. These accounts are likely re-using passwords and have been compromised elsewhere, including possibly their email. There have been many massive breaches with GIANT repositories of usernames/passwords. They then try these on all the places the usernames show up. It actually is far easier these days to use compromised accounts than create bots on forums that have spam/bot protections in place.

    I'm sure if logs were looked at, these accounts have either NOT done a password change in a long time, or just did a password change right before they started posting the spam crap. Both are strong evidence that the account has a high probability of being compromised.

    Sooooo, just out of good practice, I do advise all of you to change your passwords on a fairly regular basis (at least once a year), use LONG passwords instead of complex ones, AND DO NOT RE-USE passwords.....