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    Question Scanner Connection Questions

    Hello !
    I just purchased the MPVI3 , and I am happy to have it in the toolbox.
    My question is , does the Unit have to be supported to do Diagnosis on the unit?
    The reason I ask , I tried to connect to a 2017 Polaris Sportsman 570 and it would give me the same error as if I had left my key off on the vehicle.
    Also tried this on a 2022 Polaris Sportsman 450 , same deal.
    Do I have a bad Polaris connector or is it doing this because these Units are not supported?

    Thanks in Advance to anyone willing to help

    Signed NoOb2HPT

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    Hey guys me again, after some research I found this.

    You have to use the HP Tuners adapter cable. Other cables will not work.

    Also you need to use the Beta Version of the software.

    So I hope I have solved my issues, if anyone can tell me anything else I am missing please do.
    Will be ordering my cable and downloading the Beta software now.
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    Got my prolink+ cable, BRP cable, and Polaris/Indian cable on the way with a new wideband O2 on the way also.
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    What wideband did you go with?

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    I went with a cheap one on Amazon,, I plan to get a better one in the near future , but this one is suppose to handle the 4.9 sensor so it should work for now. Would not have to buy one if my $200 GlowShift wouldn't have grown legs.
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