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Thread: Histogram Request

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    Histogram Request

    I know it has been asked before but I can't seem to find it. I would really like to have the average on the histogram for AFR to be brought out 2 decimal places. (ie. 14.73 instead of 14.7). I know it probably doesn't seem much to some people, but I think it would be very useful.


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    Re: Histogram Request

    Agreed, this would be great for WOT tuning.
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    Re: Histogram Request

    Agreed I asked for this a ong time ago and Keith said it didnt matter but I see the benifit in it just for accuracy

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    Re: Histogram Request

    Any possibility of this happening anytime Keith??? Reason I ask is when the afr% is displayed, I would like for it to be 1.53 instead of 2, little more accurate to me.

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    Re: Histogram Request

    arnt WB's only accurate to .1 AFR so that extra point would be worthless?

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    Re: Histogram Request

    I don't think it would be worthless when you are taking averages. Tuners displays my Wideband AFR to 2 decimal places and feel that it would be benifical to have this in the histograms as well.