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Thread: VCM Suite Features

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    Question VCM Suite Features

    • User friendly easy to use interface
    • (VCM Editor Screenshots)
    • (VCM Scanner Screenshots)

    General - Supported Vehicles

    • GM Gen3 V8 Support
    • GM Gen4 V8 Support
    • GM Gen5 V8 Support
    • GM V6 Support
    • GM L4 Support
    • GM I5/I6 Support
    • GM LLY/LB7/LBZ/LMM Support
    • Ford 05-2010 V8 Mustang Support
    • Ford 05-2010 V6 Mustang Support
    • Ford 04-09 V8 F-Series Support
    • Dodge Support in development
    • Full up to date list can be found on our Supported Vehicles page.

    General - Support and Help
    Support Forum
    Comprehensive Help file with User Submitted How-to tutorials

    General - Licensing
    • Flexible credit based system (Credit FAQ)
    • Single Vehicle licenses
    • Year/Model licenses
    • Vehicle Group licenses
    • Easy upgrade path from Single Vehicle to Year/Model licenses
    • Easy upgrade path from Year/Model licenses to Vehicle Group licenses
    • Free unlimited software upgrades for life

    General - Licensing Samples
    With your VCM Suite order, you'll receive 8 GM credits. If 8 are not enough, you can purchase more at any time. With 8 credits though, you can unlock licenses like the following:
    • 4 LS1/LS2 Single Vehicles
    • 1 LS1 Year/Model and 1 2 Bar VCM Enhancement
    • 3 LS1 Single Vehicles and 1 1 Bar VCM Enhancements
    • 1 LS1 Single Vehicle and 1 2 Bar VCM Enhancement with 4 credits remaining!
    • Many more configurations possible!
    • (Licensing process example)

    • MPVI Std for only $499
    • MPVI Pro for only $649

    VCM Editor
    • Read most VCM/PCMs in 2 minutes
    • Write most VCM/PCMs in 30 seconds.
    • Automated VCM/PCM recovery protection.
    • Seamless recovery after complete power down and communications break (exception for rewrite entire)
    • Obtain the VCM/PCMs calibration information and ID numbers
    • Calibration reflash
    • Full reflash
    • VIN block reflash (not supported on all vehicles)

    • Explorer style navigation (Example)
    • Tab style navigation (Example)
    • Drop-down menu navigation
    • Undockable explorer navigator window
    • Customizable favorites list which allows you to jump to frequently changed parameters (Example)

    • Hundreds of editable parameters

    • Open many tables at once
    • Save/Print/Load individual Tables
    • Individually save tables/maps to txt format
    • Table smoothing
    • Table vertical and horizontal specific smoothing
    • Table interpolating
    • 2D Graph click and drag editing
    • 3D Graph click and drag editing
    • Simple +/- key cell adjustments
    • 1 click copy/paste of tables

    • Right click copy/paste/undo
    • Right click unit adjustments

    • Compare files with different OS ID's (Example)
    • Tree style compare logs
    • Easy to use color system when in compare mode

    • Calibration Details section to list vehicle details
    • Tree style Change log (Example)
    • Tree style History log (Example)
    • Change log and History log parameter hyperlinks

    • PCM DTC List

    • Custom operating systems (VCM Enhancements)
    • 1 Bar Speed Density Enhanced (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
    • 2 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
    • 2.5 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen4 V8 only)
    • 3 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)

    • Built in unit conversion
    • Built in calculator

    VCM Scanner
    • Powerful MDI user interface
    • Variable Logging/Playback speeds or user controlled using the chart display
    • Export feature allows you to view/modify your file via Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

    • Customizable histograms (Example)
    • Histogram user defined filters
    • Histogram cell count filter
    • Printable histograms

    • Customizable gauge display (dashboard) (Example)

    • Customizable chart (Example)

    • Separate gauge and chart displays

    • Sensor based configuration support
    • Table based histogram configuration support
    • Auto histogram adjustment on vehicle connect

    • Installs with default histograms loaded
    • Installs in ready-to-scan configuration
    • Installs with additional histograms

    • User defined PIDs with complex function support (Example)
    • MPIDS (Memory PID's) supported

    • View and clear DTCs in just seconds (Example)
    • View readiness test status

    • Change histogram while scanning
    • Change charts while scanning
    • Change gauges while scanning
    • Change unit value while scanning
    • Change config files while scanning

    • Copy/Paste special between VCM Scanner and VCM Editor
    • User inputted markers and comments
    • Log comment section to give commentary for future viewing

    • VCM Controls for GM V6, GM Gen3 V8, GM Gen4 V8 and GM L4 Vehicles (Example)
    • Case Learn Feature

    • Utilizes GM's Fast Packet Technology
    • Scan 6 bytes of data at 40 frames per second
    • Scan 12 bytes of data at 20 frames per second
    • Scan 24 bytes of data at 10 frames per second
    • Scan 48 bytes of data at 5 frames per second[*]Scan 56 bytes of data at 5-20 frames per second-vehicle/pcm dependant
    (above modes not supported on all vehicles)

    MPVI Pro options available with VCM Scanner (Example)
    • Black box data logging (hardware logging without a laptop)
    • Wide band inputs
    • 2 programmable outputs
    Note: VCM Scanner comes with both MPVI Std. and MPVI Pro as it is a part of the VCM Suite software package.
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    VCM Suite gives you complete control over the operating system and calibration (tuning) section of your vehicles VCM/PCM.

    VCM Suite gives you the following features:

    Operating System Rewrite: When you edit your PCM it's divided into 2 parts. 1 part contains the operating system (like windows) where as the other part contains all the data (a database). When you tune all you are doing is downloading the database, making changes, and then re-uploading it leaving the operating system untouched.

    What are the benefits of rewriting the operating system?
    For example, rewriting the operating system can allow you to turn a truck VCM/PCM into a car VCM/PCM providing that the VCM/PCM hardware is the same for both vehicles and you are licensed for support of both vehicles.

    It also allows you to upgrade the operating system version. Sometimes GM releases a version of software that has errors and will release a new version. GM is good about catching these problems early so most of your VCM/PCM's out there already come upgraded from the factory. It is possible at times that the first few batches of VCM/PCM's may be of older versions.

    Something to keep in mind though. When you rewrite your database on the VCM/PCM, the database is erased at the very start of the programming routine and then written over. If a communication error happens during this time there is nothing to worry about as your operating system code is untouched. However, with VCM Suite, you have the option to rewrite the entire VCM/PCM. The difference is though, at the start of an entire rewrite, the entire VCM/PCM is completely erased. If the VCM/PCM loses power during the first critical moments, there is a chance that the VCM/PCM may not be recovered via software methods.

    TunerLock: TunerLock is a VCM/PCM locking feature that enables tuners to prevent access to the PCM by any other HP Tuners user and also any other PCM software. The only person able to unlock the VCM is the tuner s/w and cable that locked it. It prevents both reading and writing of the PCM. (Note: not supported on all vehicles).

    VATS/BCM Relink: On vehicles that use serial VATS system, the PCM and BCM must be linked, otherwise the engine will not start. This feature allows the PCM to relink (or autolearn) to the BCM. This feature is an absolute must for mail order tuners.
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