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Thread: Controller Unlocker: timed out

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    Any update on this? I have the same situation on NGC4 seems that is a common bug.

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    I had the same issue today and that's why I am on this thread.

    2012 camaro ss E38 mpv1

    I got the message and tried multiple times to write it, then switched USB ports as that has helped in previous times.

    That didn't work so I:

    ● rebooted the laptop (nope)
    ● hit stop on the controller a few times (nope)
    ● unplugged the obd2 cable and cycled the ignition. (Nope)
    ● let the ecm shut down and tried again (nope)
    ● Started the car and tried again (Nope)

    Then it wouldn't start and I really got worried and started my crazy process over again.

    ● I re-synced the unit from the help menu. (nope)

    After all of this I just keeper hitting "write" over and over and I finally went all the way.

    This has happened to me a few times in the past and is very scary when it does happen. I have NOT found a solution to this and have used different laptops with similar results.

    I came to this thread hoping to find a solution but it seems that all I can do is share in the misery.

    I love hptuners when it's working but when this happens it makes me freak out.