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Thread: Wideband disappears when recording.

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    i just had this problem with my afx. thought the units analog out was fried so i ordered a ballanger 500v2 and same thing. opened a ticket, mailed the interface and pro set in and just got it back. they replaced the proset under warranty as the said it was the culprit. will be tommorrow night before I can hook it up and see. turn around was one week. they send a next day shipping label and return is also next day air. gotta say im pretty pleased as long as this doesnt become an common occurance
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    I am having this same issue. I have tried both the PRO Link analogue input and a serial input but both disappear as soon as i hit record. Frustrated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobb420 View Post
    Same problem here using AEM 30-0300 on 4.4.4 (Windows 10). Once the channel is setup it will disappear when the log starts. I have tried to resync multiple times with beta and 4.4.4. The odd part is I got it to work on another laptop running Windows 10 on 4.4.4. The problem still occurred... however, after a resync (unplugged from obd) it was up and running.
    Finally got back into tuning again. I installed the latest beta version and still had problems even after resync and transforming channel. I deleted this channel and tried a new USB C cable...added a new channel for my wideband, transformed it and started logging. I can't believe it freakin works now. So to sum it up, try a new USB cable and it may fix your problem. *Also, I am connected to the blue wire which is analog 2*

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    I constantly get my Can based AFR gauge disappearing from the list, have to repoll. So not convinced it's really a USB cable thing. Problem is I dont usually notice it until later.

    Im not really sure what causes it to disappear, sometimes small changes to something will do it, that small change may be something like reviewing a previous datalog, rebooting the computer, updating the software, or just one day WB data isnt showing up. In any case, repolling fixes it.
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    I had a customer with this issue today. Every time he would add the wideband to the VCM Scanner channels, then start scanning, it would disappear. Turns out I had forgotten to activate his Pro Feature license on the My Devices page of the HP Tuners website. Once that was done it still didn't work, until he clicked Resync. Then everything was completely fine.
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    when in doubt resync.
    It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be done in two weeks...

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    What is the problem with this??